Heal Me - Treatment Kit


Life can sometimes overextend us both physically and mentally which effects our energy levels and immunity and stress can lead to a depressed immune response. Curated to help you deal with impaired immunity, aches and pains and general inflammation often caused by extend periods of stress and over extension, this Treatment Kit contains a set of products that work together in a powerful 5 day healing ritual.


Start and end each day with Strength Fortifying Tea to help give your immune system a boost, steeping the magical brew in a cup or pot for 5 minutes to infuse. For an extra boost add some Manuka honey to taste, take up to three to four times a day.
After a warm shower, use the Comfort Warming Rub and massage into areas of tension and inflammation like neck, shoulders and the lower-back area. Before applying, warm the rub in your hands and inhale. Use throughout your day to release tension, aching muscles or congestion
In the evening, light your Pure Candle while you draw your bath. Packed with antimicrobial essential oils, this candle has a cleansing effect on the air and helps you to breathe deeply. 
Decant 2 capful of Protect Bath and Body Oil and steep yourself in the warm bath for 15 to 20 mins. After the bath, wrap yourself in a robe or towel and lie on your bed for 10 mins. If you don't have a bath tub, you can use a basin instead to create an aromatherapy foot bath. 


The individual products within this Treatment Kit also work well in combination when following the DAILY IMMERSION rituals for each of the individual components:

Protect Bath and Body Oil 30ml
Comfort Warming Rub 15ml
Strength Fortifying Tea 30g
Pure Candle 

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