Balance Me - Treatment Kit


Restore blissful equilibrium to your body and mind with this calming kit which unites Equilibrium Bath & Shower EssenceRestore Aura Spray and a Pure Candle, to balance the senses in the scents of serenity. 


The deep immersion 'Balance Me' blueprint starts with a brief cleansing shower before drawing a warm bath and pouring in two capfuls of the Equilibrium Bath and Shower Essence. Whilst the bath is filling, light the Pure Candle (which, as it is an aromatherapy candle, will take a moment to start to release the healing aromas as the natural eco-soy wax warms up). (If you don't have a bath, you can use a basin to create a foot bath instead). As you immerse yourself in the serenely-scented waters, let yourself relax for fifteen minutes whilst inhaling the aromas. After you come out of the bath, coset yourself in a mist of Restore Aura Spray by spritzing the restorative aura spray in front of you and walking gently in to the fragrant molecules. 

If you are stretched for time, but want to benefit from the combined powers of the products within this group, we recommend following the DAILY IMMERSION rituals for each of the individual components of this Treatment Kit:


Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence 30 ml
Restore Aura Spray 30ml
Pure Candle


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