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With the line between beauty and wellbeing often down to perception, in the long term, the brands that have a real understanding of the sector and have the patience to nurture and educate their customers are the ones that will succeed, stresses Michelle Roques-O'Neil, founder of THERAPIE Roques-O'Neil.
Based on the practices of aromatherapy, THERAPIE Roques-O'Neil, which sells a range of all natural products from Himalayan Detox Salts to Bath infusions Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence, is a top seller within the beauty-wellness category.
Encouraging customers to incorporate THERAPIE Roques-O'Neil products into their own regime, to keep their body, mind and spirt in perfect balance, the brand takes a more holistic approach to health and beauty.
"We are lucky because people seem to have embraced our message and are using the products like a natural apothecary." says Michelle Roques-O'Neil.
Like THERAPIE Roques-O'Neil, brands that use natural, plant-basted ingredients to create products that don't harm the user or the planet, are also driving the category forwards. According to a recent survey by Nielsen, 53% of participants revealed that "all-natural" was an important factor in their shopping habits, while retailers reported 24% growth within the natural and organic beauty channel over the last four years.