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Its not easy to relax, we know that, but were here to soothe and support. Whichever mental, physical or emotional self-care you currently feel in need of, refer to our Wellness Colour Wheel for holistic guidance. The three primary colours of the wheel – yellow, blue and red, we like to call our House of Therapie Colours and correlate to our mind, body and spirit. The remaining colours – orange, green, purple and pink, we refer to as our vibrational colours, unifying with our House of Therapie Colours. Together they work harmoniously to restore our equilibrium.



We know theres no physical relaxation without mental relaxation, so whichever products are cherry picked and added to basket, you can be assured that all our blends harness good vibrations. As the word blendssuggests, no one oil or product works singularly, theres an orchestra of energy centres being harmonised in our distillery in one bottle. For every product chosen within the mind, body and spirit Wellness Colour Wheel, they will work synergistically with the following unifying colours to reset, reboot, unite and nourish the soul.