Introduction to Therapie


Therapy in a bottle

Renowned aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O’Neil launched THERAPIE ROQUES-O’NEIL in 2013 as a bottling of forty years of therapy-room practice into a range of powerful products, designed to encourage a holistic conscious wellbeing personal practice. Each of the items within the range work their healing magic as highly effective standalone products as well as within specifically tailored treatments.

Our ethos and approach is based on the founding principle that we are all naturally resourceful creatures and that when we are ‘tuned in’ to our bodies and emotions, through a nurturing self-care practice, our natural radiance and energy can be powerfully activated. Our entire range has been crafted to fit easily and naturally into your everyday life. This concept of Daily Immersion sits at the heart of our philosophy of how important it is to build self-nurture into your daily routine. We also encourage moments of dedicated Deep Immersion in a fully mindful, meditative place of ‘time out’ from this daily routine. 

Unadulterated ingredients sourced from ethically-driven artisans

The power of our products is drawn from the transformative qualities of the pure treatment-grade natural ingredients (both plant and mineral-based). These unadulterated ingredients are carefully sourced directly from a select group of artisanal partner producers from across the world, all of whom share the same respect for high quality production techniques.

A distillation of ancient traditions with 21st century know-how

Our products have each been carefully designed with a specific therapeutic result in mind, as a distillation of energy healing traditions and ancient apothecary techniques, formulated with a 21st century savvy to support physical, emotional and spiritual balance and growth.

Crafted with love

We proudly maintain our exacting standards and the quality of the products by hand-creating small batches with dedication, love and care in our Portobello Distillery.

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