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Michelle Roques-O'Neil



To say that Michelle Roques-ONeil is one of the leading lights of aromatherapy, globally today, would be an understatement. With over 40 years of experience, she is a spiritual health and wellness expert with rare intuition and a gift for healing that goes way beyond the dizzying array of disciplines she has knowledge of. Not only a trained aromatherapist but a Reiki Master, a trained reflexologist, a sound and cranio-sacral therapist who has studied Native American rituals, numerology, shamanism, Taoist Qi Gong, SRT and the alchemy of essences. Michelle offers one of the most spiritually profound and life- changing healing experiences currently available, globally, full stop. One client described a treatment with her as like going on a retreat’.

It all began back in the 1970s. Michelle left school and started off by cutting peoples hair with the original thought of going into hair and make-up. She trained in beauty therapy at Joan Prices Face Place and Joan famously observed have you ever thought of being a masseur, youve got incredible hands.’ A chance meeting with a model led her to explore the idea of aromatherapy massage and she wrote to Godmother of aromatherapyMicheline Arcier and asked for an apprenticeship. Michelle then commenced on a transformative four- year journey with Micheline, intensively learning all she could about aromatherapy and massage and devouring books about healing and emotional modulation. Micheline Arcier (1923-2006) is credited with introducing aromatherapy into the UK. From her clinic in Knightsbridge she also trained aromatherapy luminaries Sue Beechey and Geraldine Howard, (contemporary to Michelle) who went on to found the global brand Aromatherapy Associates.

Michelle Roques-O’Neil


They parted ways when Michelle realised she wanted to go deeper into the psychotherapy aspect of healing. She embarked on a counselling course and subsequently trained to explore the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, incorporating all this knowledge into her massage techniques and treatment offering. By the 1990’s, after a stint on Harley St and in the Hale Clinic, she had set up No 3 Violet Hill, her own treatment centre which became renowned for her unique rituals. In 1998 she was voted one of the top ten Aromatherapists in the world by British Vogue and it seemed like all of London’s movers and shakers had her in their address books. Including Nicky Kinnaird, founder of Space NK, who asked Michelle to train therapists and develop treatments for her new Spa NK which was in the offing. She went on to create a full spa menu plus products and amenity products for rooms for the critically acclaimed British hotel and spa Cowley Manor and many other similar consultancy projects have followed on from these successes.

The logical progression from all of this was to focus on her own product line. Michelle had been blending essential oils for her loyal clients back since the 80s under the name Pure Alchemy. The next step was to create a dedicated eponymous brand which could be used at home to replicate some of the magic of her incredible and famed treatments. After reading the book Essence and Alchemy she spent 3 years back and forth to San Francisco training with legendary natural perfumer Mandy Aftel who said Michelle was ‘one of the best students she’d ever had’. A capsule range of 5 products – including a body oil - then launched on Cult Beauty in May 2012. Michelle wanted her products to ‘totally embody her philosophy’ and so sound frequency, Reiki and crystals were involved in developing them to lend them all the spiritual uplift of her wondrous in person rituals. The result has grown into the Therapie Roques-O’Neil range which you see today, which Michelle calls ‘First Aid for the soul’ and which can bring the true enchantment of her transformative treatments into the hands of everyone who seeks it out.

Michelle Roques-O’Neil has been called a modern-day alchemist: her out of this world treatments and one-of-a-kind products are predicated on her belief that all of us, have within, an immense power to heal and renew. What she offers us is nothing short of magical.