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PMS Support - Life Kit


This powerful kit offers unparalleled support throughout your cycle but particularly at the pre-menstrual stage of your cycle, soothing emotional sensitivity and discomfort. As stress and over-stimulation is ever-present and directly effects hormonal and balance, this Treatment Kit has been designed to help correct these physical imbalances so that you can become more in tune with your cycle.


This combination of products work together in a ritual that takes place over the course of your monthly cycle. 
In the week before menstruation, create a Purge Foot Soak bath by mixing in the product at the base of a foot bath and pouring in hot water to dissolve. Test the heat of the water and cool to a comfortable temperature before placing your feet in the tub for 15 minutes.  

In the week of menstruation, gently massaging the Soothe PMS Relief Oil into areas of tenderness such as the abdomen, lower back and breasts. In this same week, use the SOS PMS Support Essence as an aromatherapy inhalant, to lift yourself into feelings of positivity and out of any blues you might be experiencing. 

Throughout the month, use Cocoon Bath Oil for a nurturing end-of-the-day treat by decanting one capful in a running bath, soak for 10-15 minutes, taking some deep breaths initially to absorb the uplifting aroma.


Cocoon Bath Oil 30ml
Purge Foot Soak 100g
Soothe PMS Relief Oil 30ml
SOS PMS Support Essence 5ml.