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Therapie Collections

Our five collections provide a guiding frame for navigating through the THERAPIE range, to empower you in your self-care practice.
The THERAPIE apothecary Fortify aromatherapy Collection, including the healing Protect Bath and Body Oil.


Our mind and emotions are such an essential part of our inner tuning, and when they go awry, it can play havoc with mental well-being and impact our physical body. This is because the human body has complex circuitry and the neuropathic blueprint influences all our physical and emotional functions. Therefore, we have curated this soothing collection as salves to calm, heal, balance and uplift.

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The THERAPIE apothecary aromatherapy Inspire Collection, including the Crystal Clear Smelling Salts.


Our bodies are the physical vehicle through which we navigate life, the house we inhabit. As with most habitats, daily care, regulation, maintenance and nourishment is essential. The daily demands of modern life can easily cause us to neglect these needs; all too soon, we find ourselves in deficit. We have curated this collection to support and ground the body with products that strengthen, heal, balance and nourish.

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The THERAPIE apothecary Harmonise aromatherapy Collection, including the award winning pillow mist, Slumber.


Spirit flies on the current of life, its element is air linked to communication and connectivity to our true vision, inspiration and Joie de vivre.  It's about being expansive as well as connecting to our inner essence, the soul of you. So often, we can feel disconnected from this free-spiritedness; we find ourselves mentally inflexible, anxious and fearful, unable to flow in the slipstream of life. This spiritually activating collection is curated to inspire, dream, meditate and express.

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