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We all want super soft and silky toned skin! THERAPIE's Awaken Skin Rehab Scrub is a unique rehabilitating scrub experience. Skin conditioning has always been part of a symbolic shedding and spiritual cleansing ritual across the world. Seasonal changes can be a great time to shed the old and prepare the new. Awaken revitalises the circulation, oxygenates the blood to give you a healthy outer glow. Can be used with THERAPIE Boost Hair & Body Wash for a truly stimulating scrub!


A vibrant combination of balsamic citrus top notes and earthy florals, grounded in notes of warm woods and smoky resins - all ancient and traditional materials used throughout Thailand and Indonesia. Use exfoliation as a symbolic ritual of release and purification. Touch creates a nurturing dialogue between you and your body often overlooked and neglected in a rush to cope with the demands of daily life.

Need State

Poor skin vitality, negative body image, lack of conditioning


Lotus root for skin exfoliant, green bamboo rich in purifying silica, yogurt powder rich in skin softening lactic acid, mother of pearl illuminating skin polish, pineapple powder rich in enzymes that remove dead skin, lime powder skin-refreshing properties and nutritious for dry skin, zeolite clay draws out impurities and neutralises toxins, honey powder helps to absorb and hold onto moisture, lemon myrtle antiseptic and astringent, pink lotus absolute is calming and reduces stress and anxiety. Blessings supercharged with reiki and love.


Bambusa arundinacea stem, ananas sativus and maltodextrin, nelumbo nucifera seed powder, nacre powder, yogurt powder, pink clay zeolite, tapioca starch, santalum album linn, rosa centafolis, boswellia serrate, mel and maltodextrin, citrus aurantifolia and maltodextrin, backhousia citriodora


Citral, geraniol

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